Selected Publications and Reports:

  • The Computer in Personnel Management – systems analysis method applied in computerised personnel information systems, Oy Nokia Ab, Electronics , 171 pp. plus annexes, 1974;
  • The Finnish-Soviet Information Technology Trade Development Study Report, Ministry of Trade and Industry of Finland, 118 pp., 1985;
  • The USSR PC Market - Market Survey and Business Guide, Dataquest Inc. (a Dun and Bradstreet subsidiary in the U.S.), 120 pp., 1989;
  • The East-West IT Trade Directory - a contact development tool, which covers some 2,700 Western organisations associated with the trade in 49 countries, Asumer Oy, 54 pp., 1990;
  • The USSR IT Industry Directory - a contact development tool, which covers some 1,600 Soviet Union IT organisations in the 15 Union Republics, Asumer Oy, 98 pp., 1990;
  • The USSR/CMEA Computer Hardware Directory - a  business development tool comprising more than 900 computer systems and devices with short form specifications, Asumer Oy, 52 pp.,1990;
  • Service Industry Structures (including HE structure analysis) and Cooperation  Opportunities in the Sector in the FSU countries - a survey report, Ministry of Trade and Industry of Finland, 157 pp., 1992;
  • Business Laws and Regulations in the FSU countries - a short form law directory, which contains some 500 laws and regulations, Asumer Oy, 72 pp., 1992;
  • Telecommunications Development Policies for Countries in Transition in EE CE Europe - an expert  report for International Telecommunication Union, ITU, 92 pp. plus  annexes, 1994;


  • Finnish Foreign Policy and the International High Technology Issue - an article in the Swedish-language ‘Hufvudstadsbladet’ newspaper in July 1985 and the same article was published in Finnish by the Finnish-language ‘Information Technology’ magazine, September 1985;
  • Co-chairman of the Forum and the drafting team of the International Pereslavl-Zalessky Declaration on Computer Software Copyright Protection in the former USSR, June-July 1989;
  • Premises and Barriers to Commercialisation of Russian Information Technology - Presentation Synopsis (15 pp.) at the Six Countries Programme Conference on Innovation ‘Research Co-operation with Countries in Transition, December 1-2, 1994, Vienna;
  • Does Finland need a Private Technology Development Fund - an article in the Finnish Technology and Economy (Tekniikka ja Talous) newspaper, June 1995;
  • “Social Media – postilion without silence obligation, an article in “Technology and Economy Newspaper in Finland in January 2014.

Publications/Reports Related to Education/Higher Education Development:

  • Review of Economic Reforms, Privatisation and Social Policies in Kazakhstan - a Tacis project (EDKAZ 9402) national level survey with further development proposals for the government, 1996, 135 pp. (+ 100 pp. appendices compiled by a Kazakhstan team);
  • Co-author of the report ‘Social Policy and Privatisation of the Social Sphere in Kazakhstan’ - a Tacis project (EDKAZ 9402) report, 1996, 62 pp. + Appendices;
  • Memorandum to the President of Kazakhstan within the EU project on Impact of Privatisation in  Social Sphere in Kazakhstan (Tacis project (EDKAZ 9402) with recommendations to advice for the third phase (social objects) in national privatisation programme, 1998, 12 pp;
  • Author of the “Annual Review Report on Local Co-ordination among the EC/EIB/MS Development Aid Co-operation in Egypt in 2001 – 2002, 61 pp., The EC Delegation in Egypt;
  • Co-author of the aid coordination report  “Annual Report on European Union in Egypt 2002”,  The EC Delegation in Egypt; 90 pp, 2003;
  • Inception Report and the 1st Progress Report on Tacis project “Addressing Social Consequences in Ferghana Valley” including Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan territories, 2005
  • Public Procurement System Assessment in Arkhangelsk Oblast, NW Russia  - Project’s Quality Expert Report, EC Tacis G2B NWR project in NW Russia, 67 pp., 2007;
  • eGovernment & Information Society Development in Russia and Associated  Development Indicators, EC Tacis G2B NWR project in NW Russia, 98 pp., 2007;
  • Terms of Reference for Tacis project for EU One-Stop-Shop (OSS) in Tajikistan under Tacis Programme, 40 pp, 2008;
  • Designer and major content writer of Internet Portal on Postgraduate Education in Europe, selected CIS countries and in the US (, 2008
  • Co-writer  of Assessment of  EC – Mongolia Cooperation Strategy, Final Report, Mission Report , 44 pp. plus 42 pp. annexes, HTSPE Ltd,  2009;
  • Final Evaluation of EU – China Information Society Project, Final Report,  55 pp. plus 65 pp. annexes, Mission Report, Danish Management Group, 2009;
  • Inception Report of the “Support to Modernisation of the Education System in Turkmenistan, EU project report, 59 pp. with 99 pp. Annexes, August 2010;
  • Progress Report No 1 of “Support to Modernisation of the Education System  in Turkmenistan”, EU project report,  36 pp. with 56 pp. Annexes, October 2010;
  • Overall Plan of Operations for “Support to Modernisation of the Education System in Turkmenistan”, EU project report,  67 pp. with Annexes December 2010;
  • Internal Communication Strategy and EU Visibility Plan for the above project, a 14-page Annex to the Overall Plan of Operations (OPO) –report, December 2010;
  • Secondary Education and Education Administrations in EU Countries, 4-volume summary on EU education/HE systems and policies, pp. 600 pages, spring 2011;
  • Final Report “Evaluation of ongoing EC-funded Projects “Support to VET in Kazakhstan” and “VET Institutional Partnership Project (VIPP)” DCI2007/19259” approved in February 2013.
  • Draft Report on appraisal of Finnish-Vietnam Innovation Partnership Programme, Phase 2 (IPP 2) for Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Finland, pp. 108, June 2013,
  • Initial Report (28 pp.) and Final Report (97 pp.) on Education Assessment Framework Development /Classroom Observation Instrument for Learning Measurement (Word Bank) in Kyrgyzstan (2013).

Articles & Presentations:

  • Ethical Aspects of the Social Sphere Reform in Kazakhstan - a Russian presentation summary published in the Second Central Asian Public Sector Management Conference proceedings, and the English version as a Tacis project (EDKAZ 9402) document, April 1997;
  • Human Rights and Ethics of Knowledge, an article about the 50th anniversary of the Universal Human Rights Declaration and needs to make it current because of Internet and emerging information society, the University Magazine, University of Helsinki, November 1998;
  • Editor -in Chief of three Newsletters: ‘Social Partnership’, ‘Employment Development’, ‘Higher Education’ about the results of the Tacis project EDKAZ 9402 in Kazakhstan, 1998;
  • Is a new tripartite institutional setting needed in Finland? – an article about restructuring of the Finnish social institutions in the Pellervo society’s “Co-operation” magazine, April 1999;
  • An Institutional Model of Consensus Society, a Presentation at “Social Dialogue, Civil Society and NGOs in Europe and Russia Conference, St. Petersburg State University, November 12-14, 2010.



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