Customer References

Asumer’s/Heikki K. Auvinen’s customer references in private business/trade development and international donors business since 1982

Governmental & International Aid Business Organisations by Country

Belgium: Commission of the European Communities; IBF International Consulting, Transtec; Denmark: Danish Management; Finland: The Finnish Association of Information Processing, The Association of the Disabled of Finland; The Association of Energy Firms of Finland; Bank of Helsinki; City of Kemi; City of Kotka; Finnfund; The Finnish Association of Consulting Firms; Central Federation of Small Industries;  FCG International, The Finnish Hotel and Restaurant Council;  Finnagro, The Finnish Foreign Trade Association; The Finnish Institute of Public Management; The Finnish Ministry of Trade and Industry; HUKS, The General Industrial Group; National Bank of Finland (KOP); Lapland’s Regional Land Use Planning Authority; The Finnish Management Institute (LIFIM); Postal Savings Bank of Finland; The Regional Development Fund of Finland (KERA); The State Computer Centre of Finland (VTKK); Technical Research Centre of Finland (VTT); France: AETS Europe, O.E.C.D; FSU: The USSR Ministry of Foreign Economic Relations; Italy: APRI International; Poland: EPRD; South Korea: Korea Trade Promotion Corporation; Spain: Instituto Espanol de Commercio Exterior; Switzerland: Economic Commission for Europe (United Nations); International Telecommunication Union (ITU); Taiwan: Institute for Information Industry; UK: HM Government; HTSPE, IMC Consulting; Turkmenistan: Academy of Sciences.

Trade Development and Private Sector Customers by Country

Austria: Hewlett-Packard Austria; IBM Trade Development Inc; Belgium: Applied Magnetics Belgium; Intel Corporation; Motorola Information Systems Group Canada: Canadian Marconi Company; Finland: A. Ahlstrom Corporation; Agfa-Gevaert; Arvelin; Bertel Ekengren Engineering Office; Businessman; Canon; CDS Finland; Consensio; CPT Finland; Data-Helsinki; Dataway; Dava; Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC); Economic-Kaluste; Elektrotel; Esselte, Esselte System; Field; Finnair;  Fiskars, Power Electronics; Haka; The Helsinki Region Joint Computer Centre; Hewlett-Packard; HOAS Consulting; IBM; ICL Finland; Inter-Marketing; IVO International; Info-Yhtiöt; Jaakko Pöyry Enterperises; Kaukomarkkinat; Kone; Kon-Tiki Tours; Kotka Information Technology Centre; Labsystems; Lapland Safaris; Lohja; Electronics; A. W. Liljeberg; LTL-Elka; Matti Wuori Solicitors; Mentor Graphics (Finland),  Mercantile; Mercantile Computers; Metalex; METRA Engineering; Nokia; Nordan Trade; Norinter; Onninen, Perusyhtymä,; Outokumpu, Electronics Division; PIB Personnel Investment for Business; Rastor-Institute; Salcom Finland; Siemens;  Suomen Sokeri; Symmetric; Sähköliikkeiden; Tecnomen; Tekla; Thomesto; Teollisuuden JOT Systeemit; Teräsbetoni; Tietotehdas; Timerider; TMT-Tietoyhtiöt; TN-System, Unic; Uniscience; Unisys, X-Computer; Wallac; Valmet, Instrument and Meter Works; Valmet-PCI;  Wärtsilä; France: Brun Exportation; Bull S.A.; Compass Design Automation; Framatome; IBM EHQ; Germany: Compaq Europe International; ECS International Deutschland GmbH; Epson Deutschland GmbH; Microsoft Europe; MiniScribe; Siemens; Siemens Nixdorf Informationssysteme AG; Sony Europe AG; Star Micronics Deutschland GmbH; Sun Microsystems Italy: Italtel; Japan: Matshushita Electric Industrial Corp.; The Netherlands: Intergraph Europe; Philips International B.V.; QMS Europe B.V.; Norway: Tandberg Data; Sweden: Apple Computer Europe North; Tecator AB; Switzerland: Admerca; Caterpillar Overseas; Commodore Electronics; Digital Equipment Corporation; United Kingdom: Acorn Computers; Ashton-Tate Europe; Borland International; Citizen Europe; Datapoint Corp.; Lotus Development European Corporation; Motorola Inc.; Rank Xerox; Seagate Technology; X/Open; United States of America: Abacus ICS; Global Development Corporation; Sackman Associates; Seagate Technology Inc.; VLSI Technology; Wyse Technology

Finnish and International Mass Media Organisations by Country

Finland: Computer Weekly Finland; The Finnish Broadcasting Company (YLE), The Finnish Business Daily, Idänkauppa (East-West Trade) Magazine; MTV3, Sanoma Oy; France: Communications Week International Newspaper; Dataquest Europe; Germany: IDC Deutschland; Israel: People and Computers Magazine; UK: Dataquest UK; Rapide Productions Ltd (Channel 4); The European IT Market Research Group; United States: Datamation Magazine; Dataquest Inc.

N.B. Some 200 organisations, which only purchased the reports either from Asumer Oy or through two distributors: Dataquest Inc. and IDC Deutschland GmbH, are in addition to the customers above.




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