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Aristocats -film teaching

I saw Walt Disney's film "Aristocrats" in Helsinki in 1972. The butler of the fine family of the eco had been given the task of getting rid of the unwanted kittens by drowning them in a river outside the city. To handle this, the butler put the Kittens in the basket on the back seat of the motorcycle.

He set off to drive on the river. Two stray dogs inhabited the hay barn of a field next to the road. The bigger parent barked as the leader of the couple as the dogs in the field rumbled against the people walking on the road. It was a way to earn a living when people were startled by attacking dogs.

As the dogs slept in the haystack, the smaller one still heard the sound of a motorcycle coming from afar. Woke up the sleeping guide dog again. Got an irritated response. Let's sleep, no one will come from there at this time. At the same time, he sharpened and began to rattle his ears in the direction of the sound, as if something important were happening.

Glanced at the younger dog, who regretted his mind, said to him in the same breath with the expert qualifications required by the situation. True, it is indeed an approaching motorcycle. Took the look of a guide dog, emphasizing his voice, shouting to the younger, ‘It’s Harley Davidson, model year 1954 - what else are you scrambling for, now went and stiff’…

Sustainable development goals

Sustainable development and development is full of similar stories in human communities. In addition to its primary meaning, information also has a social dimension. In sustainable development, who speaks has become more important than the content of the speech itself.

The system of action for sustainable development of the industrialized countries and the world development community is also reminiscent of the centralized planning of the former Soviet Union with its annual, 5- and 15-year plans. The new things to be pursued are described in the functional terms of the planned economy.

The current approach lacks a way for the great computerization of the 1960s and 1980s to move from small things to larger things from the bottom up. Instead, new things and goals are described using global goals, without anyone knowing exactly where to go about things.

New guidebook for country level

The world is being renewed through correcting actions / problems - not through programs or statements. The latter are needed to coordinate things like maps and drawings in various construction projects. The more complex the issue, the greater the need to find a common language.

Starting points for the guidebook.

The Implementation of Sustainable Development in Countries report is based on the author's long-term experience in the development of the private sector in the East-West computer trade and the development of similar services in the former Soviet Union from 1970 to 1995.

Since 1996, working on technical assistance programs for donor projects has contributed to identifying issues, problems and proposing remedies in transition economies and developing countries. Over the years, writing more than 200 reports and publishing a popular website in 2014 have made Asumer Services known around the world.

The structure of the guidebook

The new Sustainability Report is another commercial guide to change management in international operations. The first business guide in 1989 in the United States was a computer trade guide to East-West trade published by Dataquest. The unifying factor of these two reports is change management through systems thinking and computerization as well as management systems. The report consists of seven chapters that form a common whole at country level:


(1) Knowledge, consciousness, and reality in the universe

(2) Separation of Community and State activities

(3) International agreements as a basis for cooperation

(4) Development Cooperation / SDGs 

(5) National IT methods and standards

(6) Managing sustainable development at country level

(7) Ensuring sustainable development activities

Sources and literature
Links to donor activities

A detailed 8-page report table of contents will be sent to interested organizations following the instructions at the end of this summary. The report is based on the author's strong philosophical and technical expertise. Home page writing provides sample texts from an approach to management and information technology development.

The concept of a hybrid community

The report provides a new kind of outline of business processes and case description techniques. Since 2014, I have dealt with new issues and perspectives on my home page. The hybrid community is one of those things. The Dictionary of Civilization gives the word “hybrid” the meaning of a mixed fetus. It may be that too, but in the social sciences it can describe society and its functioning in a new way.

The hybrid community consists of three sub-entities. The first of these is the individual who has his or her own awareness of the surrounding reality based on observation and reasoning. The other is a community that does not have its own consciousness but acts through secondary consciousness on the platform of primary consciousness in individuals. In political language / historical research, communality is divided into two parts: (1) the state / official & institutional component of the community, and (2) the civil / civil society / informal community. A hybrid community is more than its two parts combined.

How to buy a report?

The Implementation of Sustainable Development at Country Level report is available in two languages: Finnish and English. The report will be available during 1 Q 2021, when its sales window will be open. The draft version of the report is 140 pages + appendices. A more detailed description (table of contents) can also be sent before the LOI procedure in cases where there is a mutual interest.

1) The interested organization will send a letter of Letter of Intent (LOI) to Asumer and will receive a return agreement in return mail from the beginning of February with the latest version of the product specification in the form of a table of contents. The price of the report is € 1,200, which includes 24% Finnish VAT, for which the buyer's VAT ID and domicile are required. Payment will be made to Asumer Oy's Nordea account in Finland. The report is delivered when the payment is shown in Asumer Oy's account. Other payment methods are not used.

2) By sending an LOI to Asumer Oy in order to enter into a cost and marketing agreement with Asumer Oy for participation in the co-operation report on further development and productization of SDG services as a result of bilateral co-operation, the terms of which will be agreed between the parties. The IPR rights of the report are held by Asumer Oy and the new companies the services of the reports and their terms shall be agreed between the parties separately.




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