Heikki K. Auvinen, 1945-2021 R.I.P.


(MA – Education) is a Finnish development with background in trade development in ICT and services with the USSR 1976 – 1995. Since 1996, he has acted as TL/Senior Advisor in donor funded education, public administration, social development and private sector projects and programmes in the FSU countries and Asia.  This website comprises materials his individual activities and his joint stock consultancy’s (Asumer Oy) as follows:

The left-hand side column discloses his professional and personal profile and the right-hand column, comprises Heikki K. Auvinen’s analyses and texts on current affairs, which are contains the following topics:   

  • Crimean annexation and Ukrainian Crisis 2014 – 1215 with analyses and synthesis reports with detailed problem identification and potential ways out;

  • Conception of history and Russian historiography, asymmetric dimension of it and a metaphor of Five Odyssey in making Russian way of thinking more understandable;

  • Disintegration of the Soviet Union and the early transition process in the 1990s, changes in Russian social values in the European cultural context.  

Asumer Oy (established in 1982) is a Finnish originally trade development consultancy rendering services for clients in trade in ICT/services and advising on CoCom export controls through his own assessment effort of the FSU ICT/electronic industry in the 1980s.  Since 1996, Asumer Oy has been a subcontractor in assessing and reforming industries with under TA programmes.  Asumer  archives on the USSR ICT industry are accessible on retainer agreement basis. .

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