Childhood memory   (Published: 16.03.2019)

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Over the past five years, I have published three topics on my homepage:

1. Russia's transition process and its changes in Russia;
2. Issues related to the development of education, and
3. The Impossibility of Sustainable Agenda 2030.

In recent years, I have been wondering why we were happy about small things even before school, studying, working life - we shared our joy and sadness with friends. Why are we changing in school and working life?

Could our post-childhood life be like acting as little children in our memories. We'd settle for anything less and to share it with what we already have with other people, as I have been allowed to make their own Second World War, post-scarcity world's memories of Southeast Finland in the 1940s / 1950s.

Why can't we even try to be like we were children?

Childhood memory

Long ago, already
before Nokia's rise, failure -
sports cars as consolation-prize.

Once in the yard with boys
one of us sat in the swing
eating bread in rocking.

Happiness hovered from the face
wanting to share it with others -
bread on a genuine butter…

© Heikki K. Auvinen, 2019

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