Sustainable Development in Finnish - Russian Relations   (Published: 28.01.2018)

In connection with the Finnish 2018 presidential election, relations with Russia have been a key topic. Fortunately, the selection of country location was already done thousands of years ago by "spars" in the middle of forests and waterways. For the past 100 years, what kind of house should be built, and what kinds of cornerstones used have also been discussed:

1. The worldview of justice

A small nation remains united and able to change when it is able to make individual and community choices based on measurable facts that the majority of the community feels are compatible with their own and the Community's interests. The factual choices and decisions must also be public and transparent.

The dissemination / exploitation of non-real-world knowledge for the benefit of one's own or a reference group needs to be re-evaluated both in violation of civil rights as defined in the constitutions of both countries with unconditional information released by the media institution's legal liability.

2. Dialogue with neighbors

Finland operates in a geographical area where the question of trust in the information described above shows differences between neighboring countries in practices and legal principles. Russian social development and the country's own history are different from that of Finland and its neighbors.

Differences between views in the realities and the historiography of neighboring countries do not prevent the Finnish state and the Finnish community from keeping their neighbors in the way they see fit, within their own international commitments. Dialogue parties have the right to cooperate in the assessment of their own bases.

3. Finding common interests

In order to safeguard the long-past coexistence between the two different human communities in the future, it can be ensured through the promotion of open exchanges, economic cooperation and the promotion and practical implementation of the interaction between the two countries.

The range of instruments also includes securing the sovereignty of countries and the security of their communities on their own territory by means of the best of both countries, in accordance with their own interests and the principles of respect for international legal principles ratified by them.

4. Strengthen Your Strengths

Finland and Finland have been through millennia lives in their forests. In the aftermath of Altai's beginnings, Finns made a choice of their lives in forests. The persecution of the steppe and the bigger forest zone communities became the basis for the identity of the Finnish community and the relationship with nature and its exploitation in history.

Further on, this past history could be the starting point for developing economic co-operation in two neighboring countries, as well as for seeking their own strengths in relation to other countries and things in the world. Cooperation can be carried out in particular in sustainable forestry expertise and in the water resource based on the use of temperature differences.

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