Sustainable Development – a Fairytale   (Published: 24.01.2018)

Sustainable development can only be understood when you have heard of the story why the Wind has no friends in so many story-telling stories. All of our Earth is based on the laws of nature. Whenever the Wind traveled everywhere in the world, once on a trip he met the Water circulating a little differently in the world, it was love right from the first glance.
The lovers settled down to a big water. The Wind continued to travel and returned every night to Water. The fruits of love were born in Little waves on the open sea, which in the evening returned with the Wind to Water to be born the next morning again.  Every morning the Wind and Little waves left for new journeys on the way.

Water again waited for the children, the little waves, to return to their home to tell them before going to bed what she had seen on her own trips in the world. She wanted to teach her children how to live in life while passing the middle and avoiding extremes so that other circles would be left in the circular.

Every morning, sometimes even in the evenings and at night, little waves could go with the Wind to learn new things. They always moved in good order as infants from their parents to kindergartens and school trips. The little waves progressed equally well in the queue towards the open sea, as the Water-mother taught at home.

Once, when seeing the opposite shore, for some reason suddenly the Wind started screaming toward the Little waves: Harder, harder, climb higher, we have to get there before the waves of the other shores get there - save your energy, avoid becoming foa, you have to get there.

Some outside force had gained power over the Wind. He forgot a long time together with Water and the Little waves had been born, whose development he had been following over the years. At the same time, he saw on the surface of the water a wave line after another, going over, becoming a foam and losing power and purpose of life.

After a little bit of hesitation, he noticed that it was no longer a small wave of waves he had started with. There were only bottom-up bubbles in the water, foam pads to get in contact with water, spiral-like water bubbles in search of a lost destination. Everything was messed up.

The wind began to understand what had happened since he had begun to demand little waves more than they had learned from the Water. Wind also realized that he had not listened to other people when raising children. He also understood that there should be more things with the Water to listen to when raising Little waves. He felt deep sorrow for that what happened there.

He headed toward his home beach. After arriving, could not find Water anywhere between the stones and bed of reeds. Cannot find Water. Everywhere he went, heard around the song "The Wind Does Not Have a Friend ...". Since that he has been alone in the world. In 1992, he learned about the meeting in Rio de Janeiro. Wanted to come there to tell what happened to the Little waves on the open sea.

He missed the Rio’s meeting, sent messages to all UNFCCCs with a desire to find Water in those conferences, apologize for the Little waves and tell everyone how people can become part of nature again.  

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